Art Supplies

  1. Mold Builder (Latex) 32oz

    Mold Builder (Latex) 32oz

    Use this liquid latex rubber for making three-dimensional molds. Simply brush several thin coats on an object you wish to duplicate and peel off a ready-to-use mold. It cleans up quickly with water. Mold Builder can be used for casting candle wax, plaster and resin. Learn More
  2. New Stabilo Point 88 Fineliners

    Stabilo Point 88 Fineliners

    Starting at: CA$1.15

    The universal fineliner for school children to professionals, the Point 88 fineliner features non-smudging, water-based ink which is formulated to sustain a long cap-off time. The long-wearing .4mm tips are encased in metal allowing for hours of writing, drawing, sketching, and use with rulers and stencils. Learn More
  3. New Mightlon Synthetic Brushes

    Mightlon Synthetic Brushes

    Starting at: CA$3.95

    It is an ideal brush for oil and acrylic painting, the soft hairs leave very little brush marks. Learn More
  4. New Speedball Acrylic Silkscreen Ink 32oz

    Speedball Acrylic Silkscreen Ink 32oz

    Starting at: CA$34.50

    Water-based, non-toxic and non-flammable. Suitable for paper, cardboard, wood and properly primed surfaces. Learn More
  5. New Speedball Screenprinting Intro Set

    Speedball Screenprinting Intro Set

    The Screen Printing Introductory Kit introduces artists to the method of using drawing fluid and screen filler. The set includes a stencil and ink for screen printing on both paper and fabric printing.Basic tools for Screen Printing. Learn More
  6. New Speedball Speedy-Carve Blocks

    Speedball Speedy-Carve Blocks

    Starting at: CA$4.40

    Make your own personalized rubber stamps with these easy-to-cut rubber blocks. Transfer artwork to these blocks via heat from an ordinary clothes iron and then carve around the resulting image to create your own special stamp. Learn More
  7. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen Black

    Pentel Pocket Brush Pen Black

    Create fine to broad lines with a single brush stroke using the Pocket Brush Pen. It is ideal for painting, cartooning, detailing, drawing and sketching, and refillable with permanent pigment ink. The refill pack contains two black ink cartridges. Learn More
  8. New Micron Plastic Nib

    Micron Plastic Nib

    Starting at: CA$4.15

    These pens offer the same quality Pigma Ink performance as the regular Pigma Micron pens with a plastic nib suitable for everyday, multi-purpose writing. Learn More
  9. New Mobius & Rupert Aluminum Triple-Hole Pencil Sharpener

    Mobius & Rupert Aluminum Triple-Hole Pencil Sharpener

    The Triple-Hole Sharpener cuts wood on standard diameter pencils, points and leads. Wood pencils can be sharpened in three different ways-1) standard sharpening, 2) removes wood without sharpening the lead and 3) points the lead only. Comes complete with a hang-up ring. To assure a good cut, blades should be changed often. Learn More
  10. New RGM Italian Painting/Palette 3-Knife Sets

    RGM Italian Painting/Palette 3-Knife Sets

    These sets contain three indispensible painting/palette knives – an artist’s toolkit essential. Includes #22, #40, #110 knives. Learn More