Painting Accessories

  1. Art Alternatives Light Duty Knife #A-1

    Art Alternatives Light Duty Knife #A-1

    Perfect for precision cutting and trimming of paper and other light-weight materials; these knives create elaborate detailed cuts. Learn More
  2. Masterson Individual Solvent Cups

    Masterson Individual Solvent Cups

    These 1.5" in diameter, .75" deep cups are designed to fit Masterson palettes. Each resin dripless cup has a capacity of .5 oz. They are specially designed for storage of paints and mediums of all kinds including solvents such as turpentine, which can break down other containers. Learn More
  3. Mijello Water Bucket 2L

    Mijello Water Bucket 2L

    Out of stock

    This two liter water bucket has three compartments. It includes a wiping pad area. The handles have been formed to hold active brushes. Learn More
  4. New Wave Table Top Glass Palettes

    New Wave Table Top Glass Palettes

    Starting at: CA$39.95

    POSH Glass Palettes are everything the name implies. Available in grey, white and clear, as well as in multiple sizes, this product features 1/8" tempered glass for maximum strength and safety, along with custom corner guards for added protection and surface traction. Learn More
  5. Art Alternatives Palette Paper

    Art Alternatives Palette Paper

    Starting at: CA$9.75

    Start each session with a fresh sheet and eliminate messy cleanup. Suitable for use with oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Each pad contains 40 coated disposable sheets. Learn More
  6. Molotow 2mm Brush Chisel Empty Tip Paint Marker
  7. 23 Well Airtight Covered Palette 13" x 9" x 1.25"
  8. 18 Well Airtight Watercolor Palette Box 5" x 10"
  9. Artist's Wooden Palettes Oval

    Artist's Wooden Palettes Oval

    15-3/4" x 19-5/8" Learn More
  10. Artist's Wooden Palettes Rectangular

    Artist's Wooden Palettes Rectangular

    Out of stock

    15-3/4" x 19-5/8" Learn More