Paint Mediums & Grounds

  1. Demco Silicone Oil 120ml (4oz)

    Demco Silicone Oil 120ml (4oz)

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    3--4 drops of Silicone Oil to the mix (1/2 cup DEMCO EnCouleurs Pouring Medium + a few drops of Fluid Acrylics + 3-4 drops of Silicone Oil) and pour onto the painting surface. Use a palette knife to take off the top layer and release the cells. Once dry, wipe surface with a dry cloth to remove Silicone Oil excess. Learn More
  2. Demco Gum Arabic 120ml (4oz)

    Demco Gum Arabic 120ml (4oz)

    Ideal for increasing the gloss and transparency of watercolours. Use in small quantities only as too much will cause paint to become brittle and flake. Learn More
  3. Art Alternatives White Gesso Gallon

    Art Alternatives White Gesso Gallon

    Art Alternatives titanium-based white acrylic primer provides a reliable, classic foundation which is permanent, non-yellowing and flexible when dry. Learn More
  4. Winsow & Newton Liquin Fine Detail 75ml

    Winsow & Newton Liquin Fine Detail 75ml

    An ideal medium for fine detail work, drip effects, glazing and smoothly blending areas with no brush marks. This gloss finish medium is for use with oil and alkyd color and is quick drying and non-yellowing. Learn More
  5. Natural Bleeched Beeswax

    Natural Bleeched Beeswax

    Beeswax is a soft natural wax that is used in many mediums and varnishes. It can be used as a protective coating (varnish) in painting, as a paint binder, and as a stabilizer in oil colors. Learn More
  6. Kama Venise Turpentine 250ml

    Kama Venise Turpentine 250ml

    Venice Turpentine is a light yellow viscous liquid which has drying and hardening properties. A small amount of this balsam provides glossy, transparent, and enamel like effects. Learn More
  7. Kama Alkyd Gel Medium 125ml

    Kama Alkyd Gel Medium 125ml

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    A fast drying painting medium that dries mat with low odours. Learn More
  8. Kama Cold Wax Medium 125ml

    Kama Cold Wax Medium 125ml

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    Use this medium for impastos; add to oil paints to stabilize their consistency. Combine with carnauba wax or damar resin for wood finishing. Learn More
  9. Art Alternatives Black Gesso

    Art Alternatives Black Gesso

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    Art Alternatives Black Gesso provides a sufficiently rigid yet pliable surface with a clean black satin finish. Learn More
  10. Art Alternatives Clear Gesso

    Art Alternatives Clear Gesso

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    Starting at: CA$17.65

    Create an archival barrier while allowing the beauty of your surface to show through with Art Alternatives Clear Gesso! Learn More