Portfolios & Storage

  1. Art Advantage Wood Brush Box

    Art Advantage Wood Brush Box

    Sliding lid varnished wood brush box is perfect for storing artist brushes, pencils, markers, charcoal, and all dimensionally appropriate art or craft supplies. 1-1/4"H x 4"W x 10-1/2"L Learn More
  2. Art Alternatives Heavy-Duty Tool Box 20"

    Art Alternatives Heavy-Duty Tool Box 20"

    Form and function come together in these heavy-duty tool boxes. Made of durable and recyclable black plastic, they are specially molded for added strength. Their rugged good looks are complimented by heavy-duty black handles and clasps. The boxes are lockable and feature in-lid storage for small items, a lift-out inner tray and ample storage space. Learn More
  3. ArtBin 2-Tray Box

    ArtBin 2-Tray Box

    These plastic boxes are great for oils or watercolors. Molded from polypropylene with up-scale, transparent gray trays. The trays are made from X-T tripolymer, which resists stains and oils. Tray compartments are designed to hold brushes, tubes of paint and miscellaneous art and craft supplies. Learn More
  4. ArtBin Super Satchel Box

    ArtBin Super Satchel Box

    Great for storing your supplies, these acid-free polypropylene Deep Super Satchel Boxes have sturdy latches and a carrying handle, and can be stacked on top of one another. The single compartment box is perfect for organizing larger supplies such as paper, paint tubes and bottles. Learn More
  5. ArtBin Small Brush Box

    ArtBin Small Brush Box

    This transparent plastic box features three brush-holder springs in its base to protect delicate brushes from damage. 14-3/16" wide by 6-1/4" deep by 1-3/16" high with a snap latch. Learn More
  6. ArtBin Sidekick Case

    ArtBin Sidekick Case

    Transport and store supplies safely in these translucent polypropylene plastic storage units. The storage box includes a lift-out tray and multiple compartments for holding brushes, paints, scissors or other essentials. The lockable lid contains additional storage space. Measures 15" x 10" x 7.75". Learn More
  7. Portfolio Academy 20x26x2

    Portfolio Academy 20x26x2

    Out of stock

    The 32" x 42" portfolio features a 2.5" gusset and a side handle for extra support. Learn More
  8. ArtBin Prism Storage Box

    ArtBin Prism Storage Box

    Out of stock

    Clear Prism boxes offer easy viewing of supplies. Learn More
  9. Derwent Pencil Tin (Empty)

    Derwent Pencil Tin (Empty)

    Pack and store your pencils in this double-layer pencil tin with a lift-out inner tray. Made from brushed metal with an embossed Derwent logo on the lid. Learn More
  10. Artist Organizer Boxes

    Artist Organizer Boxes

    Starting at: CA$5.85

    Artist Organizer boxes are a perfect way to store your art supplies. Customize these see-through boxes with removable dividers, great for rearranging and storing your small and medium sized items. Learn More