1. Derwent Super Point Mini Manual Sharpener

    Derwent Super Point Mini Manual Sharpener

    This light-weight mini manual desk sharpener is equipped with a helical blade that can sharpen a variety of different pencil sizes. Learn More
  2. Derwent Super Point Manual Desk Sharpener

    Derwent Super Point Manual Desk Sharpener

    This manual desk sharpener has a helical blade that can sharpen different sized pencils, as well as produce an extra-long sharp point that is ideal for fine detail pencil work. Learn More
  3. Derwent Pencil Buddy Desk Storage

    Derwent Pencil Buddy Desk Storage

    Out of stock

    The Pencil Buddy is an innovative approach to pencil storage. This stylish desk unit holds pencils at an angle for easy selection and will even keep short pencils easily accessible by clasping them within its bristles to prevent them falling to the bottom. Learn More
  4. Derwent Waterbrush 3 Pack

    Derwent Waterbrush 3 Pack

    Out of stock

    The fine tip is labeled with the number one, medium tips are labeled two and chisel tips are marked with a three. The brush heads are made of synthetic nylon and will hold 10ml of water or liquid. Learn More
  5. Derwent Scale Divider

    Derwent Scale Divider

    This scale divider is a practical drawing tool that allows the artist to scale pictures in ratios from 4:1 to 1:4. When not in use it folds neatly away and will slip easily into a backpack for increased mobility. Learn More
  6. Derwent Pencil Tin (Empty)

    Derwent Pencil Tin (Empty)

    Pack and store your pencils in this double-layer pencil tin with a lift-out inner tray. Made from brushed metal with an embossed Derwent logo on the lid. Learn More
  7. Derwent Blender 2-Pen Set

    Derwent Blender 2-Pen Set

    These pen-style blender pens help to provide smooth and even pencil color. They dissolve pencil wax and increase intensity of colors. They also smooth out pencil lines, but do not blend colors. This set includes a 2mm ultra-fine bullet point pen and a 4mm fine bullet point pen. Learn More
  8. Derwent Pencil Extenders

    Derwent Pencil Extenders

    Contains 2 sizes, 8mm and 7mm. Learn More