1. Funstuff Plastimodal Modelling Clay

    Funstuff Plastimodal Modelling Clay

    Starting at: CA$3.95

    Plasticine, solid colours. For building projects it does not dry out. Availiable in six basic colors. Learn More
  2. Liquid Funstuff School Glue

    Liquid Funstuff School Glue

    Starting at: CA$1.95

    All purose, sold by the bottle. Washes from clothes and floors even when dry. Learn More
  3. Funstuff Tempera Blocks (Pack of 6)

    Funstuff Tempera Blocks (Pack of 6)

    Starting at: CA$10.25

    These are the finest quality of tempera blocks available.Superior in colour density, smoothness and color lift-off. These blocks are a convenient source of opaque watercolor and are ideal for fast distribution in the classroom . They will not deteriorate in storage and are instantly usable with the addition of water. Colors can be mixed to produce a wider range of colors. Learn More
  4. FunStuff Liquid Tempera

    FunStuff Liquid Tempera

    Out of stock

    Starting at: CA$26.50

    Great paint for kids or big group projects. Learn More
  5. Funstuff Sketch Stick Sets

    Funstuff Sketch Stick Sets

    Starting at: CA$7.95

    Drawing pastels for use on paper, canvas, construction paper, etc. Learn More