1. Fisheye One Dark Blue

    Fisheye One Dark Blue

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    Dark as denim, bright as blueberries! The Fisheye One Blue snaps easy fisheye 35mm photos with a 170-degree perspective and outstanding sharpness and color. It looks super-cool in its shiny blue coat! Learn More
  2. Fisheye Circle Cutter

    Fisheye Circle Cutter

    The Fisheye Circle Cutter easily cuts circles in 3 different diameter sizes. Cuts papers, silk, and photos for your arts & crafts projects! Learn More
  3. Diana+ Splitzer

    Diana+ Splitzer

    The Diana F+ Splitzer lets you dictate exactly what appears on your photo - and exactly where it appears - by allowing you to slice and dice into halves and quarters. Just slip it onto the top of your Diana F+ lens and twist the blades with your fingers. Re-combine them and create something entirely new! Learn More
  4. SuperSampler Grey

    SuperSampler Grey

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    Get four sequential shots with the pull of a ripcord with the SuperSampler Grey. The SuperSampler Grey will produce four sequential action-packed shots on one 35mm image. Learn More
  5. Sprocket Rocket SuperPop! Teal

    Sprocket Rocket SuperPop! Teal

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    Take in a whole lot more with this super-wide panoramic lens and the possibility to expose your sprockets in Superpop Teal! Learn More
  6. Oktomat


    Experiment with 8 sequential shots in one 35mm print with the Oktomat ! Learn More
  7. Diana F+ Honeycomb

    Diana F+ Honeycomb

    Out of stock

    A swarm of honey bees have made its way to an iconic medium format camera! Say hello to the new Diana F+ Honeycomb Edition, created specially to raise awareness on the plight of the honey bee. Clad in clean white and beige color palette, this special edition camera features a honeycomb design and a honey bee detail. Like the classic Diana F+ it takes lovely medium format photos and is compatible with the Diana F+ lens and accessory system. 120 format. This item is special order, and a limited edition. A member of our staff will contact you with more information if you purchase the item. Learn More
  8. Diana F+ Black Jack

    Diana F+ Black Jack

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    The Diana F+ Black Jack is the super-sleek all-black version of your favorite square format camera! You won't be able to resist its dreamy square shots and elegant monochromatic charm. With two image sizes to choose from, easy multiple exposures and pinhole function, the Black Jack is ready to woo you with dark desire. Medium format camera. Learn More
  9. Diana F+ Edelweiss

    Diana F+ Edelweiss

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    Clad in pure white, the Diana F+ Edelweiss Edition is a tribute to Europe's favorite flower. This limited-edition beauty gives you the Diana+ trademark of dreamy, radiant, and lo-fi images. With the Edelweiss in your hand, you'll be able to get creative by shooting beautiful multiple exposures and pinhole shots - Plus, there are two image sizes to choose from! Medium format camera. Learn More
  10. La Sardina DIY Black

    La Sardina DIY Black

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    Show off your creative edge with the La Sardina Camera DIY Edition Black! This 35mm snapper is fully customizable—you can write, draw, or paint on it! You can also jazz it up with colorful La Sardina Dresses! Learn More